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Tips for keeping a unified communication system secure Implement strong passwords: Implementing strong passwords is an important step in securing a unified communication system. Users should...

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Tumblr Archive- How To View and Access

Tumblr is adaptable to all users, whether they use their profile to highlight their most recent work or just prefer to stay in contact with their community. You can also show older posts in the Tumblr Archive thumbnail here. What is Tumblr Archive, then? You may rapidly view previous blog entries by a certain member thanks to this page of prior blog articles on your profile, which is presented in a thumbnail manner.

Although the Archive feature of Tumblr is often recognizable to the active users. But for a lot of new users, it could be unfamiliar. If it applies to you as well, there is no need to fear. You only need our tutorial from today on how to access the archive. So, let’s get started right now.


Before we cover how to browse or access Tumblr Archive, let’s first briefly discuss it. Tumblr is a microblogging platform that combines social networking with blogging, allowing users to interact with people from all over the world with ease. Here, you may text short passages of your ideas, memes, or even pictures.

Normally, all of the most recent posts are displayed when you visit a Tumblr user’s profile or blog. The prior posts are therefore completely invisible. You will also need to go through each page one at a time in order to view their prior entries, which might take a lot of your valuable time. Tumblr Archive enters the picture as a result.

You may view all of a user’s previous posts at once using the archive. With the use of this tool, users may order their articles by criteria like month thumbnails. Here, all of the older posts are conveniently accessible on a single page. You can also pick from a number of additional criteria that the archive offers. In this approach, one may quickly and conveniently search for a certain post that they are seeking for.


You now have a better understanding of what Tumblr Archive is. Some Tumblr blogs contain an archive button or link that, when clicked, will take you directly to the link. But sometimes it’s difficult to find the Archive link. So let’s examine the various methods of accessing the archive.


The Archive link or button must already be present on the Tumblr account in order for this technique to operate. Additionally, this technique is primarily for Tumblr’s desktop edition.

  • Open your preferred browser, then sign in to Tumblr.
  • Here, use your account to search for the Tumblr account you’re looking for.
  • Click on the three horizontal dots that are now visible in the top-right corner of the user’s cover photo.
  • You’ll see a drop-down menu right here. From the list of possible options, select Archive.
  • All of the previously published content will appear on the screen right away. The postings are generally arranged by month.
  • The postings can also be sorted by “Post Type,” “Tag,” or “Month” by choosing the appropriate option from the top.

You may use this method to access other users’ Tumblr Archives on your web browser. Many people miss it since it’s concealed in the menu choice with the three horizontal dots.


Did you know that a direct link to the website would allow you to browse the person’s Tumblr archive? You certainly can, and here is how. Every user has a special link that leads to their own archived page. Simply alter the original URL to gain access to the user’s Archive page.

Therefore, let’s examine the procedures.

To see the archived postings, open Tumblr and go to the desired profile.

  • Now look in the browser’s address bar; you’ll see the link to the profile there. Say the website address is “”
  • ‘Archive’ should be added to the end of the address in your browser’s address bar. ‘,’ for instance. Press Enter when finished. You will be sent to the account’s archive page as a result.
  • In order to access the Archived page, we must change the URL of the Tumblr ID as described before. However, it’s possible that this procedure will only function on a web browser and not a mobile app. Anyway, go to the next stage if you wish to use your mobile app to access the Tumblr archive.


Even the user’s older posts are accessible through the Tumblr mobile app. Once again, the user’s profile should feature an Archive option so they may view older posts. All you have to do is check their profile on your mobile app to see if they have it. You may either use the search function on the app’s bottom to look for someone’s profile.

Once you are on the profile, you will notice the archive button next to the user’s profile photo. The accomplished post on the user’s Tumblr account will be displayed when you tap the Archive option.


If you have a Tumblr blog, adding the archive link to it is simple. Log into your Tumblr account and select Customise to accomplish this. This will change your blog’s current theme. At this point, select “Add a Page” and add the word “Archive” after the URL.

To display this page on your Tumblr blogs, select “Show a Link to This Page.” Then enter the word “Archive” in the text-to-display box, then click “Save and Exit the Screen.” Your link is now visible on the account homepage.


That concludes this post. We hope that this article provides you with a thorough explanation of Tumblr Archive. Whatsmore, you learned how to use Tumblr Archive and associated features by going through the processes that are necessary. You may now access or read the Tumblr Archive page if it no longer appears on your profile by using the aforementioned techniques. Here, we have a detailed instruction as well as the required screenshots.


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