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List of Licensed Nursing School in Lagos 2023/2024

Many people claim that nursing school in Lagos is time-consuming and frustrating, and that it may be stressful.

After graduating and receiving your license, it might be challenging to practice nursing since you will come across many challenging patients, many of whom will put you on the edge of quitting your job. However, you must learn to endure your patients and have a positive attitude.

In essence, a nurse is a person who has successfully completed a nursing program; they are called registered nurses rather than just nurses.

To join in the nursing program, which lasts for around three to four years, you must meet the requirements for a certified nurse.

Once you have finished your study or your time in college, you will be granted a license to practice.

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In a variety of professional settings, including hospitals, clinics, workplaces, military installations, and other locations, nurses work.

You command a great deal of respect from many people since you are a nurse, so always act professionally.

Nursing education can help you develop these abilities even if taking care of patients can occasionally be difficult.

Licensed Nursing School in Lagos

The list of nursing schools in Lagos, along with its associated tuition costs for 2022, is below:

School of Nursing, Lagos University Teaching Hospital

The School of Nursing at Lagos University Teaching Hospital is a public nursing institution that trains students to work as registered nurses.

This institution’s three-year curriculum will include courses that are based on the nursing curriculum. Their tuition is less than ₦250,000, which we deem to be fair.

The University of Lagos, Department of Nursing Science

The University of Lagos is home to the nursing science department, sometimes referred to as the nursing school. This school accepts applications through Jamb, and its program lasts around four to five years.

The school fees, which also cover additional costs, are about ₦100,000 for all of the courses that are offered.

Igando School Of Nursing

This nursing school is situated in Igando, Lagos State, and it provides students with a range of program. Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 23, and the first year’s tuition costs about 230,000 nairas.

Prior to starting classes again, the housing portion of the first-year school costs must be paid.

School Of Nursing Military Hospital Yaba

This school is for people who wish to be a nurse and work with the military; it is licensed, and you are granted permission to study there.

It is authorized for you to enroll in this recognized institution, which is for those who want to become nurses and work with the military.

The School of Nursing Military Hospital Yaba’s tuition costs are relatively affordable, despite the fact that they are not readily available online.

Igbobi School of Post Basic Nursing

Another nursing school in Lagos for individuals who wish to further their study is the School of Post Basic Nursing, Igbobi.

Post-basic accident and emergency nursing and post-basic orthopedic nursing are the two programs that the institution provides. Candidates for this program must hold a license and be National League of Nursing-registered nurses.

School Fees: 150,000 -200,000 naira

School Of Psychiatry Nursing, Federal Neuropsychiatric Yaba

Students who wish to work as nurses and learn everything there is to know about caring for mental patients can attend this school, which is located in Yaba.

This institution has federal government accreditation for the nation’s nurse training program.

School Of Post Basic Paediatric Nursing, LUTH

This post-basic Paediatric nursing is located in the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital. The institution is situated in Lagos, is registered, and welcomes students.

Children’s problems, such as their health and how to care for them, are covered in the Paediatric nursing program

School of Post Basic A&E Nursing

Hopefuls and other students are taught the necessary knowledge at this school. You should be aware that getting your registered nursing license is a prerequisite for enrolling in a post-basic program.

Any post-basic course is an additional course meant to increase your understanding of certain nursing topics or fields.


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