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8 Interesting Brick Facade of Stack Bond

What is the brick facade of Stake Bond? Mortar joints aren’t just used for aesthetics, these “bonds” or patterns give a brick wall the strength it needs. Each brick is held by two bricks from below which in turn leads to three bricks from below and so on.

Each brick depends on another brick to hold and support it so that only one brick is not overstressed. But how to design an architectural elevation? Brick Facades are a completely different story where bricks cover buildings with existing structural integrity, giving them a striking appearance. Here is our selection of some charming examples of brick facades.

What is a Brick Facade?

Brick facade, or what is called brick cladding, is different from a solid brick wall – it is a layer of brick that is attached to the walls of a building. A brick facade provides the same aesthetic, and additionally insulates the building.

Buildings with Brick Facade:


The building was designed by Ahmad Bathaei and FMZD, Hamdan, Iran. The facade of the building looks like it is made of a large pile of bricks. The ground floor has a shop front that looks like a cave, while the brick work on the upper floor is interrupted by intermittent glazing. This is to let daylight into the offices. A staircase that took people directly from the outside of the building to the offices was also made of brick.

Three Parts House

The building was designed by EAT, Melbourne, Australia. The house is built of brick from the 1950s. In 2013, a brick annex was built in addition to the glass-walled courtyard. The bricks used in the new addition are made in stack bond to distinguish the late from the old house. In the courtyard, a stack bond of perforated bricks was used.

Admun Studio Iran

The residential building resides in a busy neighborhood of the capital of Iran. The arrangement of the mortar allowed the bricks to take different angles, controlling the daylight coming into the building and respecting the privacy of the residents. It also gave the building a wonderful wavy look.

Primary school ZP, Belgium

The walls of the school are covered with bricks of different textures and colors. The different patterns and alignments created a facade that fits the neighborhood while remaining attractive to students.

Norrtalje Mortuary, Sweden

The designers of this project wanted to provide a good place for bereaved families. The mortuary has large windows that reduce the gloomy atmosphere. The walls are decorated with bricks, while the doors and windows are made of concrete.

South Asian Human Rights Documentation Centre

The building is designed by Ingram Architects, Delhi, India. The arrangement of bricks allows for adequate ventilation in the building apart from shading the building from the strong sun. Since the project was built for low-income clients, the complex elevation provides a highly aesthetic aspect to the building at an economical cost.

Pabellón Agricola Almazara Santurde, Spain

The facade has no windows and is made entirely of smooth bricks which, on closer inspection, have a texture.

Community Centre Westvleteren, Belgium

The architectural company chose to use different textures and shades of brick for the facade, rather than matching the bricks of the old and new buildings. The new extension comes with a character that respects the identity of the old building.


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