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How To Make a Fermented Spider Eye in Minecraft

This tutorial demonstrates how to make a fermented spider eye step-by-step instruction.

A fermented spider eye is a important brewing component in the game Minecraft.

Let’s explore how to make a fermented spider eye.

How To Make a Fermented Spider Eye

Supported Platforms

The following Minecraft editions have the following fermenting spider eyes:

* if relevant, the version in which it was added or deleted.

NOTE: Bedrock Edition is the new name for Windows 10 Edition, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Pocket Edition (PE). We’ll keep displaying them separately for version history.

Where to find a Fermented Spider Eye in Creative Mode


  • Platform is the applicable platform.
  • The item may be located in the menu area specified in the version(s) of Minecraft (we have tested and verified this version number).
  • The item’s placement in the Creative Inventory menu is indicated by its Creative inventory placement.

Required Materials To Make a Fermented Spider Eye

The following resources may be used to create a fermenting spider eye in Minecraft:

  • 1 Spider Eye
  • 1 Brown Mushroom
  • 1 Sugar

How To Make a Fermented Spider Eye in Survival Mode


  1. Open the Crafting Menu

Open your crafting table so that you have the following 3×3 crafting grid:

  1. Add Items to make a Fermented Spider Eye

You should see a crafting area with a 3×3 crafting grid in the crafting menu. Put 1 sugar, 1 brown mushroom, and 1 spider eye on the 3×3 crafting grid to create a fermented spider eye.

It is important to arrange the sugar, brown mushroom, and spider eye exactly as shown in the illustration below for producing a fermented spider eye. One spider eye, one brown mushroom, and one sugar should be placed in the first row’s first, second, and third boxes, respectively. This is the method for making a fermented spider eye in Minecraft.

The fermented spider eye will now show up in the box to the right once you have correctly filled the crafting space.

  1. Move the Fermented Spider Eye to Inventory

You must add the newly created item to your inventory after creating fermenting spider eye.

You’ve successfully created a fermenting spider eye in Minecraft, congrats!

Item ID and Name


  • The item’s name is described, and the string value used in game instructions is (Minecraft ID Name).
  • If more than one type of block exists for the Minecraft ID, the Data Value (or damage value) indicates the variant of the block.
  • The maximum stack size for this item is Stack Size. In Minecraft, certain goods can be piled up to 64 times, while others can only be stacked up to 16 or 1. (NOTE: These stack sizes are only compatible with vanilla Minecraft. Some modifications may alter the stack size for an item if you are running one.)
  • The Minecraft ID and Name are valid for the specified version(s) of that game.

Give Command for Fermented Spider Eye

Things to Make with Fermented Spider Eye

You can use fermented spider eye to make items in Minecraft such as:

  • Potion of Harming
  • Potion of Invisibility
  • Potion of Slowness
  • Potion of Weakness


Can you make Fermented Spider Eye without mushroom?

Players in Minecraft require a Spider Eye in order to make a Fermented Spider Eye. Dead Spiders, which are frequently spotted at night in any habitat, may frequently drop these. In addition, players will require Sugar and a mushroom that grows in mines.

Where can you get a Fermented Spider Eye?

  • Look for a brown mushroom. They may be mined from giant brown mushrooms or they can grow in gloomy regions.
  • Craft Sugar. All you need is Sugar Cane, which grows in stalks near water.
  • Get a Spider Eye by defeating Spiders.
  • Open a Crafting Table. …
  • Craft a Fermented Spider Eye.

How rare are spider eyes in Minecraft?

Spiders. When killed by a player or a tamed wolf, spiders and cave spiders have a 1/3 chance of shedding a spider eye, but not when killed by environmental harm (such falling). Per degree of looting, the maximum number of spider eyes increases by 1.

Can you use any mushroom for Fermented Spider Eye?

Also needed for the dish is a brown mushroom. A red mushroom cannot be used to make a fermented spider eye. Look for mushrooms in dark swamps, dark oak biomes, and caves. If you have problems locating any of these biomes, brown mushrooms are also frequently found in nether biomes.


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