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Things to consider before selling the house When you're ready to sell your house, there are a few things you'll need to take into consideration...

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Breaking News: GTA 6 Leaks and Rumours Unveiled – What to Expect

GTA 6 Leaks Footage


gta-6-all-leaked-gameplay-footage-grand-theft-auto-vi_20220918.thumbs/ 18-Sep-2022 22:46
GTA 6 All Leaked Gameplay Footage (Grand Theft Auto VI).mp4 18-Sep-2022 22:44 111.4M
__ia_thumb.jpg 18-Sep-2022 22:47 10.9K
gta-6-all-leaked-gameplay-footage-grand-theft-auto-vi_20220918_archive.torrent 18-Sep-2022 22:47 6.6K
gta-6-all-leaked-gameplay-footage-grand-theft-auto-vi_20220918_files.xml 18-Sep-2022 22:47 10.6K
gta-6-all-leaked-gameplay-footage-grand-theft-auto-vi_20220918_meta.sqlite 18-Sep-2022 22:44 20.0K
gta-6-all-leaked-gameplay-footage-grand-theft-auto-vi_20220918_meta.xml 18-Sep-2022 22:44 722.0B

GTA 6 Leaks Map

It’s another day which means it’s another round of Grand Theft Auto VI rumours.

Official news has been quite silent ever since Rockstar Games confirmed in February 2022 that it is developing GTA VI. Fans have been forced to deal with what seems like an unending stream of speculations and conjecture.

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The main theories include that GTA VI would have two playable protagonists named Jason and Lucia who were modelled by the notorious crime syndicate Bonnie and Clyde. It’s also been said that GTA VI will return us to Vice City, which was modelled after Miami. Oh, and there have also been gameplay leaks that came from extremely early game builds.

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Fans will be hopeful that formal information, such as a release date and gameplay, would appear in the upcoming months since Rockstar Games first revealed GTA VI more than a year ago. However, Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, hinted that GTA VI would be available by March 2025 during a recent investor call.

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According to reports, GTA VI’s geography will change often as Rockstar updates the game over time and regularly adds new locations, with Vice City serving as the primary backdrop.

Latest GTA 6 Leaks

Grand Theft Auto 6 was the topic of what could have been the biggest video game leak ever on September 18, 2022. Before posting 90 GTA 6 videos online, a hacker got access to Rockstar’s network and stole hundreds of assets.

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