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Top Home Business Ideas in 2023

Today, we all know perfectly well that you can run your own business from home without any obstacles.  In practice, own a business at home is most often a company run on the Internet. Even if you decide to write books or sew clothes for children – the network will be the place to sell or promote them.

Nevertheless, setting up your own online business needs to be properly planned, starting with finding an idea for a company that will bring profits. What business will prove profitable in 2023? Check out our suggestions in this article!

Discover our ideas for your own home business!

  • Ideas for your own business is a very broad topic. But before you focus on their list, think about what you can and like to do – and how your skills or hobbies could benefit others.
  • Today, one of the best ideas is online sales. You can do it through an online store or a marketplace platform.
  • When choosing your idea to start a business, you can’t forget about the related formalities either. In some cases, you can avoid them by running an unregistered activity.

List of ideas for your own home business in 2023

  1. Turn your passion/hobby into your own business

There are already legends about earning on passion. This is something most of us strive for, but few achieve. Perhaps, however, you are interested in something that may be of interest to a wider audience. If so, you can definitely make money on it.

Examples? If you love to create handicrafts, you can start selling them online. Or maybe you are passionate about foreign languages? You can make money by selling courses or just giving lessons online.

  1. Solve others’ problems

Your idea will not be successful if it does not respond to the real needs of the market. Before you implement it, you need to make sure that there is a demand for the solution you have developed.

You can check the interest of consumers in particular services or products using the Google Trends tool. It will also be a good idea to conduct surveys – even among your friends.

  1. Use an existing idea for your business

Your own business idea doesn’t have to be revolutionary. Nothing prevents you from getting inspired by already existing companies. Of course, this is not about mapping their operation 1 to 1, but rather about improving certain solutions.

Remember that Zalando was not the first online clothing store, and Uber was not the first company to offer transport. However, they managed to win the hearts of numerous customers around the world with innovative solutions or simply perfect adaptation to the requirements of modern consumers.

  1. Set up your own online store

Set up your own online store

According to the latest data, 73% of internet users shop online today. Today, even people who were skeptical about them and bought only in stationary stores are now convinced to online shopping.

Why is an online store a good idea for your own business and online activity?

  • The e-commerce industry is one of the most dynamically developing sectors of the market.
  • Thanks to readily available software, launching your own online store is simple and very quick.
  • Running a store does not require a large initial capital.

How to open an online store?

Opening your own business on the Internet does not have to involve engaging programmers or designing a website yourself. By choosing ready-made software for online stores, you can launch a ready-made store even in 1 day – seriously, seriously. Importantly,  you will not need technical or graphic skills for this.

  • A comprehensive platform for online sales in various channels (Allegro, eBay, Empik Marketplace, Morele Marketplace).
  • Ready integrations with wholesalers, payment systems, courier companies and ERP systems.
  • Access to basic marketing tools (sending newsletters or a blog module).
  • A mobile application that allows you to manage your store wherever you are.
  • Technical support, as well as unlimited access to the knowledge of specialists and industry enthusiasts.

Nothing prevents you from operating your shop from home or anywhere else in the world.

  1. Sell on Allegro

Don’t want to worry about buying a domain and running a store? You can try your hand as a seller on Allegro  – the most popular online sales portal in Poland, which is already visited by 18 million users a month.

To get started, you only need to set up an account, establish cooperation with the wholesaler and set the rules for shipping products.

Allegro makes every effort to ensure that Internet users shop there. It does it, for example, through Allegro coins or the SMART program.  So you will definitely be able to find potential customers there.

Remember, however, that Allegro charges a commission on each transaction. The most effective and cost-effective solution will therefore be to run an online store and sell on Allegro at the same time.

What to sell on Allegro?

The key to success in selling on Allegro is choosing the right assortment. You have to keep in mind that this is not a place where customers are looking for niche products. In the case of this portal, it is worth betting on a relatively popular assortment.

  1. Sell in dropshipping

The cheapest way to run an online store is dropshipping. It allows you to start selling on the Internet without having to invest money in storage or purchase of products.

How it’s working?

  1. A customer buys a product in your store.
  2. You deliver them to the wholesaler.
  3. The wholesaler packs it and then sends it to the customer.

Sales in the dropshipping model is a great idea for an individual and own business for people who are just starting their adventure with entrepreneurship. The owner of the online store then only deals with running the online store, handling orders and marketing. Wholesalers are responsible for completing the order, its shipment and prior storage.

Thanks to this, you can test whether selling on the Internet is a business idea for you and see if the choice of a specific assortment is a hit. No unnecessary costs.

What to sell in dropshipping?

To make dropshipping profitable, you need to skillfully choose the assortment. We recommend the sale of products that are characterized by the following features:

  • They are very popular among consumers.
  • You can get a high margin on them.
  • They are rarely refundable.
  • They are difficult to store.
  1. Sell via marketplace

The online store and Allegro are not the only online sales opportunities. It may also be a good business idea to start trading on one of the other marketplace platforms. You can also use them as an additional sales channel – if you decide to run your own e-shop.

The great advantage of this type of platform is the fact that thanks to them you will gain immediate access to a large group of regular customers. The sales launch procedures themselves are very simple and should not cause you any difficulties, even if you are just starting your adventure with the e-commerce industry.

The online platforms you can sell on are:

  • Allegro,
  • Amazon,
  • eBay,
  • Empik Marketplace,
  • Apricots,
  • Ceneo (Buy Now).
  1. Open your own B2B warehouse

Internet sales have many names. Ideas for action in e-commerce can also apply to B2B trade, i.e. trade that takes place between two companies.

In other words, this business inspiration is about starting your own warehouse. Remember that the e-commerce industry is developing very dynamically. Therefore, there is an increasing demand not only for online stores, but also for wholesalers, which are the basis of their existence. However, nothing stands in the way of combining running a warehouse with retail sales.

  1. Handicraft – ideas for a handmade business

Handicraft is a great way to combine business and hobby, which we have already mentioned above. Handmade products are also some of the best goods you can sell in an online store. After all, these will be unique items, so you will easily stand out from the competition.

Here are some suggestions for handicrafts that you can create and then sell to grow your business:

  1. Accessories: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

Handmade jewelry will probably never lose its popularity. Provided that you provide your customers with an original design and use high-quality materials, you will certainly be able to reach many recipients with your offer.

However, remember to take care of well-thought-out marketing activities in the case of such an assortment. The basis will be social media – especially Instagram and Pinterest.

  1. Cup or mouse pads

You can create them from cork, wood and even stone. It’s really simple, and in addition, these are products that are very popular. Many people buy this type of handicraft as a gift – e.g. for customers.

  1. Printed T-shirts

Printed T-shirts are another example of handicrafts that people are happy to buy as a gift. What’s more, they often do most of the work in this area themselves – designing their own graphics.

However, this will require you to invest in the T-shirts themselves, as well as the printing device.

  1. Custom made bouquets

Floristry has been experiencing a real boom in recent years. You can prepare custom-made bouquets for many occasions. Weddings, baptisms, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day – there are many reasons to give flowers. You can take advantage of this fact and open a profitable business at low cost.

  1. Paintings, greeting cards, posters

If you have artistic talent, this could be a great business plan for you. You can also sell these types of graphics in digital form – via an online store.

  1. Mascots

The demand for toys is not decreasing. Parents, however, increasingly appreciate products made with due care, as well as from ecological materials. So it may be a niche for you that you can turn into a profitable business.

  1. Candles

Contrary to appearances, making candles yourself is not complicated. It boils down to the purchase of appropriate materials, and then their creative combination – so as to create interesting fragrance compositions.

  1. Gift Baskets

Creating gift baskets does not require any artistic or manual skills from you. It really boils down to buying ready-made products and their skillful selection.

Gift baskets are eagerly bought especially during Christmas and other such occasions.

  1. Clothes and recently popular masks

Making clothes is a great business plan. However, we realize that it is not for everyone. If you have enough knowledge, skills and, of course, original ideas – you can go ahead and create your own collection.

And if clothes are too much for you, you can sew masks. There is no indication that the demand for them will decrease – today they are a commodity of necessities and will probably remain so for a long time.

  1. Online training and tutoring – a project for an independent home business

Interest in online education is now greater than ever.  Take advantage of this moment and share your knowledge with others. Online training can really cover anything from school subjects like math, marketing or programming to skills like carpentry, DIY or gardening.

  1. Catering, a business concept for cooking enthusiasts

Recently, dietary catering and box diets have become more and more popular. Online food ordering is also gaining in popularity. So now is the perfect time to open your own online catering business!

  1. Running a blog

If you have a light pen and a subject in which you feel an expert, blogging can be a great idea for your home business. However, it requires huge amounts of self-denial and patience.

Will just writing articles bring you money?

Of course not. You can earn on blogging by promoting other products/services (affiliation) or by advertising. Nothing stands in the way of using the blog as a channel to acquire customers, and in addition to selling e.g. gadgets related to its subject as part of the online store.

  1. Affiliation

Affiliation is, in other words, recommending the services of others, which in practice usually boils down to placing affiliate links. You can use the already mentioned blog for this purpose, but also social media or forums. This is a very easy way to earn money that requires relatively little effort. Of course, you need to gather a group of loyal customers around you beforehand.

  1. Virtual assistant/assistant

Watching the calendar, arranging meetings, replying to e-mails – all this can be done from the comfort of your private four corners. If you feel that you could help someone in running a business, perhaps this is the idea for your own business.

You can search for orders on Facebook groups or advertising portals. You can also apply directly to the companies you would like to cooperate with.

  1. An idea for your own home business – internet marketing

Traditional forms of advertising are becoming obsolete today. Now, promotion reigns in the online world. Therefore, the demand for specialists in various fields of digital marketing is growing. Positioning, running Google and Facebook Ads campaigns – virtually all activities related to internet marketing can be carried out from home.

If you have no idea about these areas, you will find many free courses online that will teach you the basics of internet marketing. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover that this is the solution for you?

  1. Graphics

There are many companies that are looking for talented freelance graphic designers today. Do you have an artistic soul? You can create graphics for social media, create website designs or any other work that will help brands build their image on the Internet and more.

Of course, you will need graphics programs and skills that you can acquire through online courses.

  1. Copywriting

That is, creating marketing texts. Today, however, copywriting is much more than coming up with slogans and names – it is also blog articles, product descriptions, categories, specialist texts and much, much more. If you’ve always preferred Word over Excel, this may be the job for you.

Most orders for content creation can be found on Facebook groups. There are also many websites dedicated to copywriters.

  1. Proofreading of texts

If creating texts is a black magic for you, perhaps a more interesting option will be to correct them. Remember, however, that this is an activity reserved for the masters of spelling, punctuation and stylistics.

In the era of great interest in website positioning and content marketing, you will certainly not complain about the lack of orders.

  1. Internet franchise

Tired of looking for your own inspiration? Do you feel like you’ve hit a wall? You can use a ready-made model that you buy from someone on a franchise basis.

You don’t have to open Żabka or McDonald’s right away. There are many franchise businesses that you can run virtually without leaving your home.

  1. Buying an existing business

You’ve reached the end of this list, but still haven’t found anything for yourself. You also didn’t come up with any idea that would revolutionize the modern market. Is it time to give up? Of course not!

You can take advantage of someone else’s plan by buying their business. People sell companies for many reasons – it often happens that someone’s idea catches the wind in the sails only in other hands. So keep your eyes peeled and look for businesses worth investing in.

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