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401 Games (Toronto) – All You Need to Know

About 401 Games: A well-known retail store in Toronto, Canada, is called 401 Games. One of the biggest gaming shops in the city, it is...

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New Business ideas – Inspirations in 2023

Own business is something that many of us dream about from an early age. However, we are often separated from achieving this goal by a key issue – a good idea for our own company.

However, the search for it may take many years, and the vision of running a company may remain in the dream zone. That is why we wanted to share with you proven ideas that many of our clients successfully implement.

Do not wait for inspiration – use our list of business ideas for 2023 and act!

Where do you get inspiration to start your own business?

A business idea is very rarely the result of an epiphany. Much more often it arises as a result of market analysis and observation.

If you are looking for an idea, you can use as inspiration:

  • Passions, hobbies, skills. Think about what you like to do? What are you doing well? Consumers appreciate services or products offered by enthusiasts and specialists.
  • Observations. Observe your surroundings. Think about what products or services are missing. Maybe something has recently caused you annoyance and you have a great idea of ​​what business could solve this problem?
  • Existing companies. A profitable business idea does not have to be completely original. Take a closer look at the companies whose services you use. Maybe you see something worth improving in them?
  • trends. What phenomena are gaining popularity recently? What do consumers currently need, what do they like to do? Analyze the market and stay ahead of the competition.

A list of 30 ready-made and proven business ideas

Business has many faces. You don’t have to start a huge corporation to become an entrepreneur. Own business is also freelancing run as a sole proprietorship or running a company under someone else’s name, i.e. franchise.

Here is a ready list of profitable business ideas – we hope you will make good use of it!

1. Create your own and personalized online store

Running an online store is one of the best business ideas today. 77% of Polish Internet users buy online, and the value of the e-commerce market breaks all records and is growing year by year.

These are not the only reasons why you should be interested in e-commerce. It is also worth knowing that you can run your own store very easily and quickly – and without technical or even graphic skills. All thanks to an intuitive drag-and-drop wizard. With it, creating your own e-shop is like playing with blocks. All it takes is a little time and willingness.

What’s more, finding an idea and running an online store does not require large financial outlays.

However, to be successful, you must bet on the right assortment. Choose products that have a chance to win the hearts of consumers, but are not too competitive at the same time.

2. Sell with dropshipping

Dropshipping is a special way of running a store or online sales in general. It assumes very close cooperation with wholesalers. They are responsible for the storage, packaging and shipping of products. And the shop owner? It is responsible only for its creation, development, customer service and marketing.

If you are serious about e-commerce, dropshipping will allow you to test your business idea – without financial risk. You will not pay for products that do not sell.

Nothing stands in the way of launching a warehouse along with the development of the business. This is a great way to increase your margin.

3. Sell through marketplace platforms

Selling on the Internet is not only your own online store. There are also various types of sales platforms. Their great advantage is the recognition they can boast of. They are well known to millions of users who visit them regularly. For example, Allegro is visited by as many as 18 million customers every month.

It is also worth mentioning that setting up an account on this type of platform is very easy and quick, which means that theoretically you can start selling in one day.

If you feel that this is a business idea for you, consider starting activities on one of the following portals:

  • Allegro,
  • Amazon,
  • eBay,
  • Empik Marketplace,
  • Apricots Marketplace,
  • OLX.

You don’t have to choose only one channel. You can combine several of them and manage all sales from one administration panel. The Sky-Shop software will make it possible for you.

 4. Create and sell handicrafts

The original assortment is the key to success in e-commerce and commerce in general. It is also a great way to combine passion and business.

And as you know, there is nothing more original than handicrafts. You can create pottery, jewelry or even clothes. There are many possibilities – consumers increasingly appreciate proprietary products made of high-quality materials.

Selling these types of products today is easier than ever before. You can do it with your own online store, which you can open in a few moments.

5. Sell digital files online

Do you do graphics? Photos? Or do you write books? You can easily sell all such materials in your own online store. It’s a great business idea with a small initial investment – you don’t have to rent a warehouse, and you only need a laptop to implement it.

6. Sell food online

Selling clothes, cosmetics or toys online is an absolute standard today. However, food in this list is still a novelty – even in such a dynamic environment as e-commerce. This is a great time to use this potential!

Shopping for groceries via the Internet is a solution that is becoming more and more popular among consumers who can obtain fresh and organic products without leaving their homes. It is very convenient and at the same time allows you to support local consumers, which perfectly fits the latest market trends.

7. Create online stores

As we have already mentioned several times, the e-commerce industry has great potential. You don’t have to be a retailer to use it. You can also, for example, create online stores for others.

Nothing stands in the way of doing it based on the Sky-Shop software. If you decide on such a solution, you will be able to run an interesting business in the IT sector without programming skills.

8. Sell second-hand items

Just a few or a dozen years ago, buying in second-hand shops did not arouse positive feelings. However, a lot has changed since then – fortunately! Today, even giants, such as Zalando, offer the opportunity to buy used clothing.

In the era of concern for ecology, it can be a great business idea. You can sell used items through your own online store, marketplaces or apps.

9. Offer tutoring and courses

Do you know foreign languages ​​well? Or are you a programmer? All these skills can be passed on to others and you can earn money from it.

Tutoring is not the only option. You may also be interested in creating online courses, which you can later sell in the online store in the form of digital files.

10. Take up photography

Professional photography is still popular – smartphones have not changed that. Weddings, births of children or various types of special events are events to which we still invite photographers. It’s no secret that you can make a lot of money doing it.

Organizing sessions is not the only option. You can also sell photos.

11. Design websites

Any business that wants to inspire trust among consumers needs to be online today. The website is the absolute basis.

But someone has to create these sites. To do this, you need an aesthetic idea and basic technical skills. Perhaps this is a business idea for you?

12. Get professionally renovating your furniture

Retro or vintage style is gaining popularity recently. More and more people are looking for gems at the flea market or in the cellars of their grandparents. However, these finds very often require restoration.

That’s why renovating old furniture is a great business idea! You can not only provide such services and respond to customer orders, but also sell refurbished furniture – e.g. via an online store.

13. Consider affiliate activities

Affiliation is simply paid referral of the services of others. You can conduct such activities on social media, on YouTube or via a blog.

However, remember to recommend only proven solutions. Otherwise, you may lose the trust of your audience, and your business idea may turn out to be a dud.

14. Advise others in the digital industry

In recent years, business has largely moved to the Internet. However, this is not a natural environment for all entrepreneurs.

Do you feel like a fish out of water online? Do you understand the rules governing online marketing and sales? Perhaps the path of a business advisor in the digital world is a great business idea for you.

15. Create an internet marketing business

Internet marketing is a huge number of channels and possibilities. It is also a great field to create your own business.

You can start your own marketing agency or bet on freelancing. There are really many options – you can position websites, run Google Ads campaigns or social media profiles. Nothing prevents you from offering all these services at the same time and opening a marketing agency.

16. Copywriting

Got a light pen? Are you great with spelling and punctuation, but are you also familiar with the rules governing the world of marketing? Then you’ll be perfect for copywriting.

It is about creating advertising slogans, but also writing various types of articles, guides, descriptions or e-books. Find your niche and start looking for jobs!

17. Blogging

A blog is still a good business idea. Provided that you manage to find a thematic niche and arouse the interest of a large group of recipients.

You can earn on the blog mainly thanks to the affiliation mentioned above.

18. Make money on social media

In the era of influencer marketing, making money in social media can be a good business idea. However, in order to profit from it, you have to put a lot of work into your profile.

Only well-thought-out and substantive communication will help you gain a loyal audience and encourage brands to send cooperation proposals.

19. Run a YouTube channel with interesting content

You earn on YouTube thanks to the ads displayed during your videos and the companies whose services/products you promote on your channel. It’s a great business idea – as long as your videos get a large number of views.

Therefore, the choice of an interesting topic is crucial, but also the right form and editing of the video.

20. Take care of animals

Pets are great. They bring a lot of joy to our lives and many of us find it hard to imagine them without them.

However, caring for them brings some challenges – especially when we go on vacation or holidays. That is why there is a growing demand for specialists who will take care of animals during the absence of their owners, i.e. pet sitters.

21. Organize parties

Many events, such as weddings, have to be perfect. However, not everyone has the time, skills and knowledge to organize them in such a way.

This is where professional event organizers enter, who in recent years cannot complain about the lack of orders – especially in the context of weddings.

22. Baking and cooking

If the kitchen is your natural environment, you can use this passion and turn it into a thriving business. Open a restaurant or pastry shop, sell your takeaway dishes – also via the Internet!

Ready-made cookies or dishes, if possible, can also be sold via an online store. We advise you to use the already mentioned local delivery function for this.

23. Repairs

As is well known, Poles have been very eager to buy real estate in recent years. They repair them just as often.

It is no secret that the waiting time for proven renovation teams is even several months. So the demand is huge. Starting a construction company is a really profitable business idea today.

24. Translations

More and more companies are opening up to foreign markets. This means that the demand for professional translations is increasing.

This applies to various types of documents, but also to the content on websites or correspondence. If you know a foreign language very well, it is definitely worth taking an interest in this type of activity.

25. Proofreading of texts

The high demand for copywriting also means the need for proofreading of the created texts.

Proofreaders can count on lower rates than copywriters, but if you want to make extra money or expand your business with additional services, it may be a proposition worth considering.

26. Catering

The box diet, despite the pandemic, is still very popular. After all, it is a guarantee of healthy meals and time savings.

However, dietary catering is not the only business idea that you can implement in this area. You might also consider offering catering for various events, conferences, etc.

27. Look after the children

Grandparents or friends are not always available. In such cases, it is worth seeking help from professional caregivers.

If you have the skills to do so and you enjoy spending time with children, you may want to join their ranks. You can also start a company that brings together childminders. The demand for this type of service is definitely high.

28. Virtual assistant/concierge

This is a business idea for masters of dealing with all kinds of things. Organizing meetings, ordering catering or answering e-mails are just examples of the tasks of virtual assistants.

Do you feel this is something for you? This is great, because the demand for this type of service is constantly growing.

29. Organization of events

Many events, such as weddings, have to be perfect. However, not everyone has the time, skills and knowledge to organize them in such a way.

This is where professional event organizers enter, who in recent years cannot complain about the lack of orders – especially when it comes to weddings.

30. Start a franchise business

None of the above business ideas meet your expectations? Can’t you think of anything better? You can use someone else’s idea as part of a franchise.

You will then run your own business, but under someone else’s name. In such a situation, you also have to take into account the need to share profits with the franchisor.

It can be an idea for the first step on the entrepreneurial path. However, there are other options.

What business is profitable to open?

Wondering which of the above is the most profitable business idea? Unfortunately, we are unable to give you a clear answer to this question.

A profitable business is one that meets the needs of its target group and enjoys great interest among them. It is a combination of a well-designed product/service, effective marketing activities and well-thought-out investments. There is no doubt, however, that currently it is worth focusing primarily on running a business in the sector of new technologies.

Be inspired by those who have succeeded in your search. Perhaps you will be inspired by the richest people in the world – with Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Bernard Arnault at the helm.

Remember that no business will be profitable without conducting sales and marketing activities. The idea itself is not everything!

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